Covid 19 has been a big challenge to the Uganda as a nation. It has not only affected the nation but it has affected communities, churches and individuals.

My name is Cate Nattabi I work with Net Foundation as a coordinator and trainer.  Currently my country Uganda is under a complete lock down. Schools are closed, churches are closed, most of the businesses are closed, private and public transport is not allowed to move apart from cargo vehicles and essential workers with permits. People are dying daily from Covid and Covid related issues like anxiety and depression. People can hardly find what to eat because most of the businesses are closed yet many Ugandans are hands to mouth earners.

On my side I have learnt to live one day at a time. When I get what to eat today I believe God for the next day and yet sometimes you have to share with the neighbours who are in a worse situation than you do.

The community members are suffering, others are almost starving, and people are traumatized. Few days ago decided to move around the community to see what is happening I realized many community members were lacking which leaves a big question of what will happen as the lock down continues.

One funny thing caught my attention as a lover of children. Children imitate what they see as they play. So I found about five children playing and one had gathered leaves, and she was telling friends, I have gathered the money now I can take my sisters to the hospital. This was a reflection of what they see and hear happening these days. What a pity. Yet we are not sure whether the lock down will be lifted after the 42days.  Uganda need prayers, our students need prayers, the trainers need prayer.

God help Uganda. Cate