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Monique van der Werf

Coordinator NET Courses


The NET Courses have been developed for pastors, evangelists and other church leaders with a spiritual and pastoral responsibility towards other Christians in their community.

NET Foundation is offering NET Courses for the ‘Certificate of Ministry’, consisting of the following 5 full online courses:

  1. Take Care of My Sheep: about the identity and role of the pastor
  2. Passion for Preaching: how to preach the Word of God
  3. Teach Me Your Way: teaching your people discipleship
  4. Pastoral Care: how to deal with a wide variety of problems that your people face
  5. Organizing the Church: what church is and how can you lead your church

To study NET Courses, you need at least 4 hours a week. Because these courses are offered online, you need a device and reliable access to the internet.

Are you between 20 and 60 years of age and do you have a calling to serve the Lord? Do you have 5-15 years experience in ministry in church? Do you have no formal theological education? Are you motivated and able to make time available for self-directed study? We like to welcome you as student! The courses are attractive and easy to follow. Apply now by clicking on the ‘Apply’ button above.


You can register by using the button on this page to send your email address.This starts the application process.

NET Foundation is biblical and professes Christ, subscribes to the Apostles’ Creed and identifies with the Confession of the Lausanne Movement and the Westminster Confession. If you confess Christ as your Saviour and the Bible as the Word of God, you will feel at home in the content of our learning content.

To follow the course you need a device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and reliable internetaccess.

You are a preacher in a congregation or you wish to become one, and you wish to be equipped for this work in God’s Kingdom, you have internet access and can use a device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).

As an individual, you can follow our course free of charge. That is because other Christians have made this course possible by donating to this project and thus to the work in God’s Kingdom. Like the apostle Paul said in 2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” With this in mind, we expect your dedication.

An online course of NET Foundation is offered fully online and can be followed via desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. As a student you will study a weekly schedule at your own pace and at a time convenient to you.

There is no teacher in the sense of a face to face lecturer, except in the video. An online coach (e-coach) will lead and accompany the group and you during the course.

Each lesson consists of 5 learning tasks: you will read the content, watch a video, interact and discuss the content with other students and the e-coach in an online group, and apply this lesson by delivering an assignment.

No, you do not need to come to a campus. You can study anywhere, provided you have internet access. So, you can do it at home or in a hub or library, depending on the local situation and your study preferences.

For pastors, lay preachers and evangelists, with a spiritual and pastoral responsibility towards other Christians in their community, but without any formal education for their ministry in church.

The courses are all in English.

The content of the Certificate of Ministry is currently available in some other languages, like Portuguese, French, and Arabic. It is our desire to offer our online courses in other languages too. Keep in touch with us.

After your application you will be informed about the start date of the online course.

The itslearning app can be downloaded free via Google Play (for Android Phones) and the App Store (for iPhones). For a Windows Phone or others, the itslearning app is not available.

Yes indeed, there are several itslearning apps. You can recognize the official itslearning app by the name ‘its’ on the app shortcut, and the names of the app and the provider are both ‘itslearning’: